Who We Are

The Penguin – Handmade Stories

Handmade jewelry at its best.

Gold plated, silver plated and platinized bronze, semi-precious gems, wood, enamel and many other natural materials in inspiring designs, describe The Penguin handmade jewelry  in a few words.

handmade jewelry-penguin-geometric

Nine different collections, nine original names inspired from known or less known penguin species, as well as parts of the planet they live: The Penguin jewelry can make a woman feel unique.

Effort, fantasy, artistry and lots of experimentation in materials and designs, conciliated in order for the handcrafts with the label “The Penguin – Handmade Stories” to be today in selected shops all over Greece and  abroad, while the designer’s workshop and showroom itself, is located in Heraklio Attiki, 18A  Plapouta Avenue.


However, up to this date the person behind The Penguin jewelry, Akrivi Stamatelopoulou, had to make many difficult decisions, in her attempt to follow her dreams. When she resigned in 2008 from her job as sound technician in a well known radio station, in order to get involved professionally with her creations, she opened the door to an unknown world.

Having created a reliable network of selected partners, in foundries, specialized craftsmen and more, The Penguin jewelry are designed and crafted with great attention to detail, keeping at the same time the rough character of a handmade creation, that makes them to distinguish.